issue # 1


Hounded By Hell  

“King Of The Triple Beam”

By Michael Curtis

“From beat cop and street dealer, to detective and crime boss, Joe Raijin and Pope Obote have been locked in a twenty year battle as arch enemies. For all Raijin’s efforts, he has only found frustration watching Pope’s Teflon ascension to kingpin and cultural icon. With only three weeks left before the detectives forced retirement due to cancer, Pope is about to achieve his greatest success – consolidation of the criminal underworld as “King of New York”. When Pope’s closest associates start turning up murdered, Raijin and his partner get closer than ever to bringing Pope down, but reality turns on its head as events and entities of supernatural origin impede their path. Confronted with the truth about the reality of crime in N.Y.C, they must pierce the heart of demonic darkness to defeat Pope, free an enslaved city and save their souls.”




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Original mock-up cover.

pope#1 cover4

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